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North American Beikoku Shido-kan Association
4th Annual
2001 National Training Seminar

Michigan State University
July 2001

Shido Kan Kanji

Multitude of Masters around Iha Sensei

The 2001 National Training Seminar celebrated Sensei Iha's 25 years teaching in North America. It also marked the official announcement of his promotion to 10th Dan. Here he is pictured with many of the 9th and 8th Dans that came from Okinawa and Japan to celebrate the anniversary. I took this shot in between all of the photos being taken with the attendees, so their focus is wandering a bit, but I really like it!

Back Row: Koji Oshiro, 8th, I believe this is Masanori Nakayama, 8th Fukuoka Japan, Morinobu Maeshiro, 9th Naha, Akiyoshi Shiroma, 8th Nishihara (cousin to Iha Sensei), Koichi Nakasone, 8th Naha, Minoru Makishi, 8th, Seiyu Nakamura, 8th Itoman

Front Row: Shinichi Ishimine, 9th Naha, Meiyu Takara, 9th, Seikichi Iha, 10th Lansing, Michigan, Seigi Shiroma, 9th Guam, Seikichi Higa, 9th Nishihara

Shiroma Sensei Takara Sensei
Shiroma Sensei with Menders Sensei and David Lyons Maeshiro Sensei Ishimine Sensei

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