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Shido-kan Dojo Web Sites

Hombu Dojo - This is Sensei Iha's site and contains all the info about the Beikoku Association. You can also obtain Beikoku logo merchandise and videos here. Lots of historical information provided along with interviews with Iha Sensei.

Canada Shido-kan - Sensei Roy and Margaret Paul. Located in Guelph, Ontario, members of the Detroit Dojo often visit for seminars. This site has lots of photographs and some great video clips!
Farmington Hills Shido-kan - Sensei
Jim Hoffer
Grand River Karate - Sensei Fortunato Restagno

Maryland Shido-kan - Sensei John Dailey
Maywood-New Jersey Shido-kan - Sensei David and Michael Senak
Shido-kan Israel - Sensei Amit Michaeli
St Louis Shido-kan - Sensei Sharon Basinger
Westbury Dojo - Sensei John Power

Washington D.C.-area (and Northern Virginia) Beikoku Shidokan - Sensei Roberto Curtis

The following dojo used to have active sites that are no longer up, please forward new links!

Okinawan Karate Clawson Dojo Clawson, MI - Sensei's Rob & Laura Chartier
Cortland-New York Shido-kan - Sensei Patrick Perfetti
Fair Lawn-New Jersey Shido-kan - Sensei Paul Snader
Okinawa Budokan - Anthony Buscemi
Shido-kan Germany - Sensei Laupp Joachim (German Language)
Cottbuser Shirasagi Dojo - (German Language)
Miyazato Dojos - Argentina - Masatoshi Miyazato (Spanish Language)
Okinawa Shorin Ryu - Sensei Kenyu Chinen (Polish Language)

Other Related Sites

Okinawa Shogen-Ryu Karate/Kobudo Association - Taba Sensei - 10th Dan - Sensei Taba and some of his senior students participated in the 2004 NTS.

Sites About Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture Cultural Karate
This is awesome! It includes a Official Prefecture Government overview of Okinawan karate. History, lineage, kabudo and masters doing kata, including Miyahira Sensei!

Comprehensive resource on Okinawa. Some broken links, but still a good resource to start with.

Okinawa Prefecture's Home Page
English translation of the Official Okinawa government site

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