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Promotion Requirements

The items indicated are the skills one must be able to do for promotion to the next level.
(Updated to reflect Hombu changes of June 2004 and Spring 2005)

Shido Kan Kanji

White Belt
1. Front kick - Back leg only
2. Side kick - Back leg only
3. Step punch, step back, outside block
4. Step punch, step back, inside block
5. High-Low Punch
6. Front kick, high low punch
7. Step, middle punch (nagashi uke)
8. Front kick, middle punch (nagashi uke on both)
9. Step, high punch (kagite block)
10. Front kick, high punch (nagashi uke, kagite)
11. Kotekitae

Kihon Kata: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Naihanchi Shodan Kata

White Belt, Yellow Tip - 7th Kyu
1. Front kick, side kick, opposite leg
2. Front kick, high roundhouse, opposite leg
3. Front kick, back kick, opposite leg
4. Front kick, step behind side kick, opposite leg
5. Front kick, step front middle roundhouse, same leg
6. Front kick, middle punch, kotekitae
7. Kumite: 1, 2, 3

Pinan Shodan Kata
Pinan Nidan Kata

Yellow Belt - 6th Kyu
1. High/low punch same hand, high/low punch opposite hand, block high/low
2. Front kick, high-low punch same hand, high-low punch opposite hand, high-low block
3 . Front kick, side kick, high-low punch same hand, high-low punch opposite hand, high-low block
4 . Front kick, back kick, high-low punch same hand, high-low punch opposite hand, high-low block
1 - 5

Pinan Sandan Kata
Pinan Yodan Kata
Pinan Godan Kata

Yellow Belt, Green Tip - 5th Kyu

Kumite 1 - 10

Itosu Passai - Passai Sho Kata
Naihanchi Nidan Kata
Pinan Yodan Bunkai*

Green Belt - 4th Kyu

Kumite 1 - 12

Kusanku Sho Kata
Naihanchi Sandan Kata
Pinan Sandan Bunkai
Pinan Yodan Bunkai
Naihanchi Oiyo Bunkai

Green Belt, Brown Tip - 3rd Kyu

Kumite 1 - 15

Matsumura Passai (Passai Dai) Kata

Pinan Shodan Oiyo Bunkai

Brown Belt - 2nd Kyu

Kumite 1 - 15

Kusanku Dai Kata

Pinan Yodan Oiyo Bunkai

Brown Belt, Black Tip - 1st Kyu

Kumite 1 - 16

Chinto Kata

Itosu Passai (Passai Sho) Bunkai

Promotion to Shodan requires a minimum 3 years of training, age 14 or above and membership in the Beikoku Association for at least a year. Candidates for any Dan rank are required to train at the hombu a minimum of ten classes within three months of the test. Shodan testing is conducted three times a year.

Black Belt - 1st Dan

Kumite 1 - 16

Goju Shi Ho Kata

* Note that the Hombu puts this requirement one level higher. Also, Hombu lists Naihanchi Nidan Oiyo Bunkai as an optional Bunkai at the 1st Kyu level. All other requirements are identical.

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