Seal of the North American Beikoku Association

"Make friends with karate!"
Seikichi Iha, Hanshi

Shido Kan Kanji

We are family. A common interest in the martial arts has pulled together a very diverse group of individuals. Instructors serve as positive role models for the kids. We learn much about each other, the lives we live and our families. What affects one of us will affect all of us. In addition to working out in the dojo, we gather after the seminars and classes for informal time together. Members volunteer their homes or a favorite meeting spot is chosen. Food, other interests and future plans are shared and discussed. Informal training session are arranged.

Picnic at Sensei's house!

Picnic at Sensei Menders' home.

Chowing Down

Holiday Pot Luck at the Hombu.

Potluck dinner at the Hombu after the Holiday Demonstration.

Hombu group eating dinner

Friendship Picnic at the 2002 NTS

Deborah doing kata on the railing.

Even at a picnic some people will insist on doing karate!

Morales Sensei playing the Sax
Yeah, some of us have more than just some martial skills to show off!
Morales Sensei blows a mean horn!

Saru the Black Belt sock monkey.

Saru is one of the mascots of Shido-kan Canada.

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