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Shido Kan Kanji

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in when you show up for your first classes. We work out in bare feet.

Uniforms - The Dogi, or gi, is white. The Kanji for Shido Kan is worn on the left breast (the logo on the right in the title above) and the Association patch is worn on the left sleeve (The logo on the left in the title above). There are no other markings on the uniform. For help in placement of the Shido-Kan patch.

Students are responsible for their own uniforms, which can be obtained through the organization, numerous web sites or in martial art supply stores. People will be happy to steer you in the right direction!

The uniform needs to be kept clean, white and odor free! Patches can be obtained through Sensei Menders, Mark Swarthout, or through the main dojo in Lansing. NOTE: Youth students are awarded their ShidoKan patch after completing ten classes. They will receive the Beikoku patch after completing 50 classes. They can also be mail ordered, see the catalogue under Active Wear link at You can also obtain a gi, as well as embroidered logos through the main dojo. You can order lightweight gi through Mark Swarthout. Note: The Beikoku patch is bleach sensative, so use only a color safe bleach when washing.

Obi - The belt indicates one's progress on the journey. It helps instructors to know what level of knowledge a fellow practitioner is working on, so that the appropriate items are covered in class. Students at the dojo are responsible for their own obi.

At the Detroit Dojo the 'tip' rankings (odd kyu levels) are indicated by coloring 6 to 8 inches of the end of the belt the appropriate color. This can be done through dyeing (watch the bleeding!) or use of permanent or fabric markers.

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